Yoga Destinations in India


 Set nearthe banks of the Ganges, Rishikesh is a prominent Hindu city. It has numerousashrams and Yoga schools that teach Yoga independently or as a basis forHinduism. The city is almost always filled with international tourists who arecurious about the secrets of Yoga practice and Hinduism. It is also easilyaccessible and offers a lot of boarding and lodging options because of the ashrams.The city is a hub for water sports, weed, and Yoga learners. There are numerouscafes and restaurants that cater to various cuisines.


One tourist attraction in Southern India is Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.The Ashram was abode of the late Yogi and saint, Sri Aurobindo. The man was aspiritual hero who actively participated in the Independence War and was exiledfrom British India and jailed in Goa for several years. Sri Aurobindo was afirebrand and he attributed his wisdom and patience to Yoga and meditation. AurobindoAshram is a peaceful destination along the sea coast where learners are trainedin Yoga and meditationby experts. It remains one of the most visited tourist destination preferred byforeign travellers.


The final Yoga destination that Irecommend is Ooty. A little hill station in the South of the country, Ooty iswell connected and has world class facilities. Along with being a well frequentedYoga destination it is also favoured by the domestic vacationers during summers.Ooty is peaceful and is thus a perfect spot to learn meditation. Yoga instructorsrun camps and special courses during various seasons. For enthusiasts, the seatmust be booked well in advance since there is a huge demand for learnersthroughout the year.

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